About Us

We melt the ice that has kept the Solar Aqua brand hibernated for decades and bring it back to light.

Solar Aqua, after serving the Canadian royal forces with high precision and reliability models, fell into a mysterious lethargy that seemed with no return, at least until today.


Watch brand created in the early 1900s by Timothy Eaton

It was the end of the 19th century when, at the beginning of an empire in the department stores, Mr. Eaton decided to develop and produce a series of excellent watches with a Swiss heart but mainly for the North American market, under its namesake brand first and later the Solar Aqua brand.


A watch brand that stops to be a legend to become reality again, which tells of a history and a tradition that could not be forgotten and that deserves to be told with a modern look and towards the future, welcome back to Solar Aqua!

No Distance Is too Far

Today Solar Aqua sees back the light in its 2.0 version and therefore enters the market with new models, which celebrate the historic brand, revisiting the technical characteristics that made it famous in a modern key, without forgetting the pure Canadian background and the precision of the Swiss engeneering.