deep bay

A dive model with even more specific performance for professional diving: Deep Bay is able to touch the bottom of the famous Baffin Bay at 2136 meters depth, between the west coast of Greenland and Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle as directly mentioned on the dial (2136 M / 7008 ft / 213,6 ATM). Baffin Island is located in the Arctic Circle, where nature shows all its wonder and strength. Our watches are able to work properly  in this extremely cold climate. Baffin Bay is located between Baffin Island and the west coast of Greenland and has a depth of 2136 meters, which can be reached by our Deep Bay timepiece.

HELIUM VALVE: Screw-down case-back to ensure high-resistance to water pressure. Deep Bay features an helium release valve.

LIMITED EDITION: 74N and 68 W on the side of the case indicate the exact geographic location of Baffin Bay. On the side of the case is engraved the limited edition number 

deep bay bronze

deep bay steel

deep bay black