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Inspired by the prestige of the past

The watch brand was created in the early 1900s. The decades of experience in the luxury watch sector and in watch movements, both of the management and of all the company members, offer quality assurance. 

The many years of research and the tests in extreme conditions operated by the R&D department and their suppliers, ensure high-reliability in the performance of the watch mechanism.

deep bay collection

WR 2136 meters – 7008ft (213,6 ATM) CERTIFIED

The Swiss technology of the Deep Bay watch is conceived for the man who intends to face and admire the extreme beauty that the Canadian nature offers.

Baffin Island is located in the Arctic Circle, where nature shows all its wonder and strength. Our watches are able to work properly  in this extremely cold climate. Baffin Bay is located between Baffin Island and the west coast of Greenland and has a depth of 2136 meters, which can be reached by our Deep Bay timepiece.

Limitless crew

Sport Team

Espen Fadnes

Wingsuit World Champion

Marina Kazankova

Freediver World Champion

Daniele piscaglia

Jet Ski Italian Champion

sanu sherpa

Mountaineer World recorder


Solar Aqua is the perfect timepieces to suit your everyday and adventurous lifestyle. For this reason, famous sportsmen have chosen to wear it in every occasion from their extreme activities to the daily life. 

Getting away from the myriad of screens we watch every day, from smartphones to computers, to e-readers, and spending some quality time into the nature is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. If you are the kind of individual who prefer to spend his days hiking in the wilderness  or on the peak of the mountain, you definitely need a  lightweight, functional, and athletic timepiece.